Genre: Punk Rock
The Freeze play hard, fast, melodic punk rock and sing about everything inside Clif’s head!!
THE FREEZE are a Cape Cod/Boston-based punk band with a rich 32-year history. They’ve released 7 full-length albums of original material, appeared on the reputedly legendary„Thisis Boston Not LA“ compilation in 1982 and the„AmericanHardcore“ soundtrack in 2007 amongst many others various artist releases. The Unseen covered their song„TalkingBombs“ on their latest record„InternalSalvation“(HellcatRecords), which has brought a renewed interest in the band. THE FREEZE have more than 100 songs on the iTunes Store and downloads are available on eMusic as well. 
In May 2010 the band did their 5th European Tour and once again had the good fortune of having Bill Close join them on lead guitar. Bill and Clif will be collaborating with DB and the rest of The Freeze on new songs for the band’s first studio album since 1999’s„OneFalse Move“. Don’t expect any radical style changes. No, they won’t be releasing a Heavy Metal album! They plan on improving the style that has already made them legends within the Punk Rock community. 
In 2011 THE FREEZE recruited the talents of; Arvin Mani(ElNada, Death Mickies) on bass, Dave Diamond(SoulTrash) on guitar and Gizz Lazlo(Dr.Know, UK Subs, BadTown Boys, Electric Ferrets, Dead Lazlo’s Place, Soul Trash) on drums to round out the newest line-up to record a 3-song EP titled„BloodFlows Home“, which the band released on their new label Rabid Reaction Records and will be available on their tours in Europe and North America.
THE FREEZE will begin recording their new full-length album in November 2011. Stay tuned.