Mary Bell

MARY BELL is a riot grrl scream in the night, scaring away its enemies and gathering its followers around angry and mystical songs. MARY BELL delivers introspective and feminist words which never cease to express the injustices and violences that we know too well. The band’s music and its live appearances are the outlet of our anger, questions and frustrations. They remind us that we are powerful, in case we forget it. 
The band’s name refers to the young British woman Mary Bell, who, in the 1960s after being the victim of violence and abuse, was guilty of the murder of 2 young boys. This band is our experienced or suffered dark side expressed in music. 
No time to fool around, MARY BELL is all the energy of the riot grrrl movement and our favorite 80’s & 90’s punk / noise / hardcore / grunge all in one, but better.