A seemingly endless, tearing maelstrom that pulls the listener into the depths of the past and in the next moment hurls them back into the here and now of the sometimes barely bearable present. The sound of the Berlin band Fotokiller clearly borrows from the Post-Punk era of the 80s, without merely getting lost in the nostalgia of the past. Existential fears about the future, love – what else – and the struggle for mental health in an efficiency-driven everyday life between concrete walls are the topics of the lyrics. With their heads held high, the band balances on the edge of day-to-day insanity, threatening to slip into the abyss of eternal gloom at any moment, only to emerge from it in the next moment with persistent strength, dancing and defying the pitfalls and problems of living in the big city. After the release of the demo tape „Lenses“ in December 2020, their debut album „Eerie Nostalgia“ was released in July 2023.