Dummy Toys

2015 – “DUMMY TOYS” appeared in Northeastern China’s dusty, noisy, and chaotic world, playing fast and violent raw punk without hesitation. Nothing is gentle or pleasant. Nobody is smiling or cute. Their shows are wild beyond YOUR imagination.

DUMMY TOYS draw their influences from classic American street-punk bands like A Global Threat, Monster Squad, and Cheap Sex while proudly acknowledging their Japanese punk neighbors and the early all-female acts on Sister/Benten Records. Spawned in China, where punk became cemented as an unstoppable musical force by bands like Demerit, Strike Back, Gum Bleed, and Hell City, they push the sound and stylistic approach to the limit. And, just like their spiritual influences, the first all-girl Chinese punk band Hang on the Box, DUMMY TOYS are proving they’re not only as good as the boys but better!

DUMMY TOYS quickly made their presence felt in their home, the coastal city of Qingdao, becoming a must-see act at the city’s local punk bar, DMC. With the release of their debut album “Not A Puppet” in 2020, they became a rising gale tearing across China’s punk scene and performing at major festivals nationwide. By 2023, DUMMY TOYS’ sound had developed into an increasingly ominous and thrashy hardcore, culminating in their sophomore release “War Is Nightmare,” which they supported with a series of furious shows across Europe and a performance at the UK’s Rebellion Fest.

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